mercoledì 21 marzo 2012

#49- China Roses

Questa composizione prende il suo nome dal titolo di una canzone di Enya, "China Roses" appunto:

Who can tell me if we have heaven,
who can say the way it should be;
Moonlight holly, the Sappho Comet,
Angel's tears below a tree.

You talk of the break of morning
as you view the new aurora,
Cloud in crimson, the key of heaven,
one love carved in acajou.

One told me of China Roses,
One a Thousand nights and one night,
Earth's last picture, the end of evening:
hue of indigo and blue.

A new moon leads me to
woods of dreams and I follow.
A new world waits for me;
my dream, my way.

I know that if I have heaven
there is nothing to desire.
Rain and river, a world of wonder
may be paradise to me.

I see the sun.
I see the stars.

"A new moon leads me to woods of dreams and I follow. A new world waits for me; my dream my way".
Questo bosco popolato di piccole creature fatate che non aspettano altro di mostrarci le loro abilità e magie.

07 - China Roses.mp3

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